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Alba Quit Christian Church Over Homophobia

Alba Quit Christian Church Over Homophobia Posted on September 4, 2014Leave a comment

Jessica Alba turned her back on the Christian church as a teen, because the elders didn’t approve of her crush on a bisexual man. Alba didn’t agree on the Church’s stance on homosexuality and premarital sex either.

“I was 16 and had this major crush on… I guess he was a drag queen. He was bisexual and a ballerina,” she explained to The Daily Beast.

“We used to go to this gay club and I’d dance with him

all night, four nights a week. I was so in love with him and thought, ‘There’s no way this guy’s going to hell,’ because in my church, it was, ‘Anybody who’s gay is going to hell’ and ‘Premarital sex is evil’, and I thought, ‘There’s no chance! This guy is amazing!’ So that went right out the window.

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