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Angelina Jolie Risking Her Life To Have Another Baby

Angelina Jolie Risking Her Life To Have Another Baby Posted on September 19, 2013Leave a comment

Angelina Jolie went through a preventive double mastectomy earlier this year to reduce her high risk of getting cancer. Now she needs another operation to remove her reproductive organs to reduce the risk even further, but Angie is reportedly delaying the surgery, because she wants another baby with Brad Pitt.

“I think in the next few years she will have more kids – that’s why she’s waiting to have her ovaries done”, family friend Marie Miles tells InTouch magazine. “But I hope she doesn’t wait to get the surgery. That just scares me. I want her to be well, especially with those little ones”, she continues. Doctors also say she should get the operation as soon as possible.

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