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Angelina Jolie Thinks Her Huge Engagement Ring Is “Too Tacky

Angelina Jolie Thinks Her Huge Engagement Ring Is “Too Tacky Posted on April 6, 2013Leave a comment

Angelina Jolie was given a huge engagement ring when Brad Pitt asked her to marry him, but the actress is not really happy about it. Angelina has replaced her multiple-diamond-ring, which was estimated at $500,000, for a simple gold band when visiting Congo.

“Angie thought it was tacky to have such conspicuous wealth when she is visiting a third-world country on a charity mission”, one source explains about her switch.

But even though the replacement ring was supposed to be for just a while, the source also says she’d rather have that one on her finger. ÔÇťAngie really hates that ring. She tries to get out of wearing it as much as she can. Angie knows Brad spent a lot of time designing it for her, and she would never hurt his feelings by telling him.”

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