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Barbara Walters to Kim Kardashian “You have no talent

Barbara Walters to Kim Kardashian “You have no talent Posted on December 16, 2011Leave a comment

Barbara Walters interviewed Kim Kardashian along with sisters Khloe and Kourtney and mom Kris the other day. Barbara did not return to the questions she posed to the reality family. She asked for and with Kim on her famous sexvideo from 2007!

“So, it was a good thing to have done?” Said Barbara Kim on Gallery she made ​​with Ray J . “Whatever you do, you may think .. I have made ​​mistakes in my life of course. “she said stammering. Kris Jenner jumped into the conversation and said, “It was devastating for the whole family. Man cries himself to sleep some nights, then hire you a lawyer. “Say what you will about the woman but she is awesome!

Barbara continued her questions with which we wondered, “You is not really an actress, you do not sing, you dance no … you have no, forgive me, no talent!” Barbara cried out. Kim replied, “I think there is more out of a challenge to participate in a reality show, to get people to fall in love with you for only you.” Yes, there is a way of looking at it. Because the world is obsessed with the Kardashians, we have to say that they have done a great job to be known and completely untalented.

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