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Britney Spears On Being Single: “I’m Pretty Damn Happy

Britney Spears On Being Single: “I’m Pretty Damn Happy Posted on September 29, 2014Leave a comment

Britney Spears is single after breaking up with cheating boyfriend David Lucado, but she is not feeling down about it. The 32-year-old singer, who just released her own lingerie line, claims she’s is “pretty damn happy right now” and is enjoying her life to the fullest.

Speaking about her personal life on Good Morning Britain, she said she likes the simple things in life. “I love swimming, I swim all the time, I love going to the spas, I love cooking, I love studying with my boys and doing just normal things like that.”

She also said she has put up some new goals for herself to focus on. “It’s all about setting yourself a goal and going for that and just being motivated and staying true to yourself.” Spears and Lucado called it quits last month after dating in over a year.

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