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Cara Delevingne About Her BFF: “Women Don’t Understand Rihanna

Cara Delevingne About Her BFF: “Women Don’t Understand Rihanna Posted on February 28, 2013Leave a comment

British model Cara Delevingne has been pretty much all over the place during London Fashion Week, and a lot of that came from her hanging out with her new pal, Rihanna. But Cara says they’re not friends for publicity, and that she loves hanging out with RiRI. ”I met her when she was here two years ago doing a gig.”, she revealed about their friendship. “She’s the best, she’s such a sweet, down-to-earth girl. She doesn’t have that many girlfriends but we have a lot in common. I don’t think many girls understand her”. Cara also says she loves spending time with Rihanna since she’s so much “fun”. Well they make a cool duo, don’t they?

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