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Catfight Alert: Cameron Diaz Ain’t a J.Lo Fan

Catfight Alert: Cameron Diaz Ain’t a J.Lo Fan Posted on September 2, 2011Leave a comment

In addition to Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie , so seldom our favorite celebrities ‘on set’ disputes public. But now it has emerged that two of our big stars, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz , do not tolerate each other!

Both Cameron and J. Lo is currently in the midst of recording the movie, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and Cameron can not stand J. Lo ‘s diviga attitude. A source says, “Cameron thinks that J. Lo is horrible and gives the actors a bad name … She has even said that J. Lo should stick to his day job, American Idol and her singing career ”

Apparently Jennifer is such a diva that exactly at 10:15, she had to eat. She has an assistant who comes in small portions to her no matter how busy she may be! interfere with the recording and operates Cameron crazy!

We hope they can solve their problems with each other, otherwise there will be a pretty tough atmosphere on the red carpet.

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