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Check out Idol finale: Agnes new nose

Check out Idol finale: Agnes new nose Posted on December 11, 2011Leave a comment

Idol finale which was held last night offered more than just a great battle between two talented artists, it also offered a sneak peek at the former Idol winner Agnes Carlsson’s new nose! Agnes, how beautiful she may be, has always had a bit of a broad nose, but during intermission in her idol finale had the huff, puff, gone. She was much more chiseled and Hollywoodifierad than we ever have seen her. Exact opposite of the sweet, normal girl, we got to know during Idols äsongen in 2005!

But what is it that may have led her to go under the knife? Is it a byproduct of her success abroad? Or even her record company complaining or its slump self-confidence? Anyway, we are disappointed in you Agnes

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