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Christina Aguilera HATE Lady Gaga: “She feels so threatened

Christina Aguilera HATE Lady Gaga: “She feels so threatened Posted on November 2, 2012Leave a comment

Christina Aguilera Vs. Lady Gaga – there you have the latest feud in Hollywood. Christina is reportedly “green with envy over Lady Gaga’s new perfume, Fame, “said sources and that” Christina feels threatened by all the other successful women, and especially Gaga is really bothering her. ” Now she is afraid that her own perfume line to be less popular because Gaga’s fame has become such a success.

“Christina’s perfume brand is her baby and she is afraid that someone will take her place – especially since her album sales have gone down the drain,” says another source. “Christina can be really lågklassig and has said that she wants to beat Gaga in the face.” Hey Christina, that’s no good way to solve this on, right? Try a little more challenging, instead, we would like something new from you

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