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Fans: “Chris Brown’s gig in Stockholm was a total flop

Fans: “Chris Brown’s gig in Stockholm was a total flop Posted on November 21, 2012Leave a comment

Chris Brown’s gig last night must have been a total flop. Not only half the stadium was empty so was the appearance of after an hour. Chris recently visited Stockholm for a gig he lifted the huge stage pressure, but that did not really this time. “What happened to the magic, Chris? Whatever happened to the concert? You are an amazing singer, but you can do so much better than this,” wrote one outraged Swedish fan on his Facebook page.

Neither the audience or the music, it was memorable from the evening, explains Anders Nunstedt, music critic, but instead he remembers best “23-year-old’s controversial choice to sing an uncensored k * wool-text on top of Rihanna’s ‘Birthday Cake’ from the speakers, and the conclusion, which is he smokes on stage while a voice thunders ‘Smoke Weed Everyday.’ Eh, it does not sound very healthy, or what do you say? Were you there?

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