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Hilary Duff Calls FBI Over New Nude Photo Leak

Hilary Duff Calls FBI Over New Nude Photo Leak Posted on September 9, 2014Leave a comment

Hilary Duff takes legal action after being a victim

of another fake nude photo leak. The star claims that the woman in the nude pictures, which were released online by an unidentified hacker on Friday, is not her. Duff has now called the FBI to urge an investigation, the star’s rep confirms to Daily News. A source tells the site that the woman in the pics does not have her “defining birthmarks or tattoos,” which indicates that they pictures are fake.

Duff is not the only victim of this nude photo leak. This comes only a week after a hacker released explicit images of over 100 celebrities on 4Chan and the FBI are still investigating the case to identify the perpetrator.

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