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Hollywood Celebrities Who is Dating Younger Men

Hollywood Celebrities Who is Dating Younger Men Posted on October 4, 2011Leave a comment

While Demo Moore and Ashton Kutcher is perhaps the classic example, so many of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities PINCH a younger man! And why would these Cougars, with a hot Pilates-body and a twenty-year-old’s heart, wasting their time on an older man when they can have some hot eye candy on your arm?

Some of our favorite celebrities have had so-called “boy toys”, Drew Barrymore has even had three! Courteney Cox held on to his young hotties for over 10 years before they went their separate ways! Wow! And although we would not run after a young guy, so we say ‘why not? ” Click on the images and see more hot cougars and their prey!

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