Hot new couple? Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Posted on November 19, 2012Leave a comment

These two darlings can become Hollywood’s hottest hot topic in the future! Rumors claim namely that there is something more than just friendship going on between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles from One Direction . Is love in the air? Yes, at least according to TV host Mario Lopez tells some juicy gossip when Taylor visited the X Factor this week: During dress rehearsals got Harry from One Direction and hit me on the back and said, “Hey Mario, what’s up?” and I asked, “What are you doing here”, and then he gave a glance at Taylor. ”

The host also said that he saw them “go hand in hand.” Wow, this had we not been able to predict, but when we think of it as suits Taylor and Harry together like a glove. And you can just imagine the popularity factor that will arise between these two! What shall we call them, Tarry?

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