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J. Lo sees itself as part of the middle class! Seriously

J. Lo sees itself as part of the middle class! Seriously Posted on January 31, 2012Leave a comment

Jennifer Lopez was recently interviewed about their lifestyle and family. She talked about her children, Emme and Max, and what she thinks about their future and how their upbringing is like her, “I have tried to give them the same thing, just in a bigger house. The same family, they have grown up with cousins ​​and aunts …. same food … You know, I try to keep what was so good about growing up in the Bronx when one is from Puerto Rico, the lower middle class family. ”

We think it’s great that Jen wants kids have a childhood like hers, but she forgets that she is a superstar and that her children are already incredibly wealthy. One of the first pictures were in a nice dress, they have a stroller for SEK 20 000, there are chandeliers in their nursery! And they were in a Gucci campaign. So, their childhood is nothing like Jennifer. It seems that Jen should take a step back and think about what she says

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