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Jennifer Aniston admits she used the injections

Jennifer Aniston admits she used the injections Posted on December 16, 2011Leave a comment

In a recent interview talked Jennifer Aniston about her beauty routine and how it has begun to prove that she’s getting older. First you have Jen’s glowing skin started to look a little rougher out so she has stopped sunbathing, started to use sunscreen and do spray tanning instead. Smart girl! Anyway, Jen has admitted that she made a few injections and fillers to keep the wrinkles away. “People think I’m doing many injections, but I do not. I’m not saying I have not tried it .. “revealed Jen. Even though it is good to know that she does not use chemicals that Botox regularly, it’s a bit disappointing that she actually used the stuff!

Jen also revealed that she stopped smoking for a few months ago. We did not even know she smoked! Most women stop smoking when they are planning to have children, so in addition to the fairly clear reasons why we are pretty sure that Jen is planning to have children very soon

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