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Justin Bieber Defends Lil’ Twist: “We’ve Been Friends For Long

Justin Bieber Defends Lil’ Twist: “We’ve Been Friends For Long Posted on January 11, 2013Leave a comment

Justin Bieber is still in the hot air after the pics of him holding a cigarette that seemed to be marijuana were released on the Internet. Now Justin defends his friend, Lil’ Twist, who people blames for having bad influence on him, and a source says he’s more upset over another “friend” who wold the photos for $25,000!

“Member u were in the baby video @liltwist. we’ve been good friends for A LONG time”, he tweeted, talking about how people thinks they’re new friends claiming that Lil’ Twist has bad influence on him. “Justin feels betrayed by someone who sold these pictures for $25,000 who he thought was a friend”, a source says about what he’s really sad about. We hope The Biebs has got better friends than that

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