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Justin Bieber’s Fans Got Him Kicked Out Of Luxury Hotel

Justin Bieber’s Fans Got Him Kicked Out Of Luxury Hotel Posted on March 20, 2013Leave a comment

Justin Bieber has been in a lot of trouble lately, and it looks like it’s just getting worse – but this time it’s his fans’ fault. On Sunday the music star checked into the luxury hotel Le Meurice in Paris, and booked seven suits on two floors.

Now it is revealed that he was kicked out of the luxury hotel, because of his fans, TMZ reports. Hundreds of fans were waiting outside the hotel and even inside the lobby, screaming and disturbing other guests at the hotel. The hotel’s management therefore decided to kick Justin out of the hotel since the noise was “intolerable”.

Why Justin is said to be the reason his fans were so excited was that he was encouraging them to scream even louder. Later he was seen checking into another luxury hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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