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Justin Bieber’s worst Christmas present ever

Justin Bieber’s worst Christmas present ever Posted on December 19, 2011Leave a comment

In a recent interview spoke Justin Bieber on Christmas for him was when he grew up and it sounds not as magical as his Christmas CD “Under the Mistletoe.” This is what Justin had to say about Christmas, “My mother always said to me that there was no Santa Claus “why it was that she wanted it to seem like she lied to him. We assume that we understand that, but still!

Then Justin talks about his Christmas traditions, “We used to play a game on Christmas .. you turn two dice and if you get twice as you get to choose a gift and if you do not get it, it’s the next person’s turn. One time I really wanted to have a Game Boy but it ended up getting pots and pans. “It’s horrible! Poor Justin, it must have been the worst Christmas present ever

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