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Kate Moss Attacked Enrique Iglesias By Throwing Bread On Him

What does Kate Moss do when she gets angry? She throws bread! Enrique Iglesias performed at a exclusive birthday party in Mexico this weekend and dedicated the song “Hero” to Kate Moss. During the performance Enrique sidled up to Kate and sang to her. Apparently Kate didn’t like that and said, “Get the f*** away from me!” Enrique continued to joke with Kate by telling her that he used to have a crush on her as a kid. This comment wasn’t a great idea, and Kate got really angry on him and started to throw things at him.

“She threw the water first, then a few bread rolls and ­napkins. It was highly ­amusing and everybody was ­howling with ­laughter… Her cackle was ­echoing around the room and ­everybody was watching with their mouths open as Kate threw ­whatever she could get her hands on at him,” a guest at the party said. Wow, poor Enrique! Kate must have had a bad day or something but this is just childish

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