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Katy Perry & Russell Brand Are Getting Back Together?

Katy Perry & Russell Brand Are Getting Back Together? Posted on April 7, 2013Leave a comment

Since Katy Perry broke up with John Mayer there have been persistent rumors swirling around saying that she and her ex-husband Russel Brand would be on the way to a reunion. Katy seems like a wise woman who learns from the mistakes of the past, and Russel i currently dating a model Zara Martin, so there are differing opinions about whether these rumors are to be believed or not. An insider reaveals: “She’s very respectful of Russell’s reasons for their break-up and would never overstep the line by begging for him to come back. But she does, however, think that he was definitely the love of her life. It’s left a lot of people wondering if she thinks that she could have fought harder to save their marriage.”

We must say that we are a little quirky about this, but do you think Russell and Katy will get back to each other?

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