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Keira Knightley Opens Up About Her Anxiety Issues

Keira Knightley Opens Up About Her Anxiety Issues Posted on September 29, 2014Leave a comment

Keira Knightley has opened up about her difficulties at the beginning of her career. The 29-year old actress says she had a hard time dealing with criticism when she started acting, which leaded to major anxiety.

“Everything up to 25 I was pretty neurotic and taking everything far too seriously,” she says, according to Female First. “I found it difficult to step back from it and I was taking it very personally. Partly because as an actor you don’t want necessarily that thicker skin, and I couldn’t figure how to be open emotionally and yet get a thick enough skin so that things didn’t hurt.”

The actress said she got over the anxiety when turning 25, and that she’s not as obsessed with others opinion now that she’s older.

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