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Kim Kardashian Sex Tape is Still an Issue

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape is Still an Issue Posted on September 25, 2011Leave a comment

At least for the moment. Apparently, the distributors of Vivid Entertainment officially denied an anonymous buyer’s offer of 127 million dollars to remove the film from the market. This may seem crazy, because Vivid Entertainment in fact the only paid 6 million for the rights to it.

Vivid spokesperson Steve Hirsch explained their decision to TMZ, “We were offered 127 million crowns for Kim band but we have decided to keep it … for now. Despite the offer, we finally received was substantial, so it became less attractive when I realized that it was not Kim. Kim is a superstar and if the tape is to be sold, then it should be for her. ”

My God, we really wonder who is crazy enough to want to pay 127 million dollars to privately own a sex striped of Kim Kardashian ? A very rich enemy a la Paris Hilton or a perverted businessman perhaps.

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