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Kristen Stewart on the children: “I long to be a mother

Kristen Stewart on the children: “I long to be a mother Posted on November 8, 2012Leave a comment

Okay, sorry, we know we just harping again and again on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s reunion, but we think it is so wonderfully beautiful that they have been together again. Everything feels so new and exciting, and we’re so curious to see what happens next! Yesterday we told you that they are going to adopt a dog together, but now tells Kristen that she actually wants kids too. “I long to be a mother,” she replied when a reporter asked if she is ready to have children. “But the kind no, I can wait,” she added quickly, explaining that she wants to have children, but not quite yet.

RPatz also love children and we do not think that he would have no problem taking the role as father: “I love working with children .. I think you would have a baby in all the movies,” he said recently about children. Honestly, a little vampire baby would be the perfect end to the Twilight saga. A small KStew, RPatz-baby, we mean of course

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