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Kristen Stewart’s fashion-related change was tough: “It was a running joke

Kristen Stewart’s fashion-related change was tough: “It was a running joke Posted on November 24, 2012Leave a comment

Kristen Stewart is now an enchanting goddess on the red carpet , but the journey to get the actress to dress in beautiful gala dresses has been long and anything but simple! KStews characteristics were t-shirt, jeans and converse, something she talks even when she was the most glamorous red carpet -events. But then something happened! Perhaps we have her stylist Tara Swennen to thank for that? “It was due to the fact that this was the end of a major chapter in her life. Twilight coming to an end, so we wanted a stronger look and feel. She has finally long dresses. Though we just wanted to make a great escape, suppose I, rather than a grand entrance. ” she talks about the difficult time after Kristen’s affair last summer. Something that gave her a free hand to change Kristen’s style.

A major problem was the jewelry : “It was a running joke, she does not even have pierced ears and have a 25 year old to use the jewelry was difficult … All her jewelry tend to have a sentimental value for her. they must mean anything, to be like her second skin., it is the condition. ”

One can truly say that Tara got her job. Kristen looks more stunning than ever before

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