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Lindsay Lohan’s handbag stolen … and she is NOT happy

Lindsay Lohan’s handbag stolen … and she is NOT happy Posted on December 12, 2011Leave a comment

Lindsay Lohan just went to Hawaii to relax and (according to her) not to drink alcohol. But just when she got there, and looked forward to just relax and enjoy the sun, got her purse stolen! In her Chanel bag worth 5 $ 000 was including her passport, documents that allowed her to travel and $ 10 000 in cash. “I will f * n the death of anyone, although I have to sit in prison for one year,” said Lilo and continued “My dad will kill me.” Yes, her dad Michael Lohan is perhaps not too happy when he finds out about this … Would you like to hear Lindsay’s own words about the theft? Click here to listen!

Later, Lindsay back their expensive handbag and even your passport and documents, but cash is still missing. Lindsay has really had a tough year

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