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Megan Fox After Pregnancy: “I Can’t Work Out Anymore

Megan Fox After Pregnancy: “I Can’t Work Out Anymore Posted on December 30, 2012Leave a comment

Megan Fox is desperate! Although she has a marvelous body, even just a few months after giving birth to her first son, Noah, she still wants to lose more of her her pregnancy weight. The sexy actress has lost 13 of the 23 pounds she gained while she was pregnant and says: “I can’t work out yet because my body is still too fragile, I try to eat whatever I want, but I don’t eat any dairy, and I guess that’s the biggest diet tip. Try and stay away from dairy — especially if you’re a woman! It’s really hard on your hormones.”

No stress Meg, you look just gorgeous! Ejoy spending time with your precious little son, the body will be on its place one day you’ll see.

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