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Michael Lohan on Lindsay’s Playboy shoot: “A good move

Michael Lohan on Lindsay’s Playboy shoot: “A good move Posted on December 25, 2011Leave a comment

Lindsay Lohan has had to endure a lot of criticism for her shoot with Playboy. But not from her dad! Michael Lohan recently said that he is pleased that her daughter get naked for Playboy. We are not sure that all fathers would agree, but Michael said, “If she is happy with it, I’m happy with it.” Michael spoke out about Lilo kontroveriella shooting an episode of Dr. Drew Pinsky show, Lifechangers, where he also got to see the pictures for the first time.

“It is a step in the direction that she is working in right now … as far as I know it’s a good move ‘

Okay, first, in which direction is Lindsay’s career? For us, it seems that she has been stuck in the same place for a while now. Secondly, when will Michael Lohan stop talking about her daughter in public. He knows not that he only aggravates the situation and that his 15 minutes of fame has run out, long ago

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