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OMG! Did Harry Styles Dump Taylor Swift For This Girl?

OMG! Did Harry Styles Dump Taylor Swift For This Girl? Posted on January 16, 2013Leave a comment

You guys probably heard how Taylor Swift and Harry Styles broke up over something he said, that he clearly shouldn’t have. Now people tell us it was really about a text – and the one it came from. Harry has been hanging out with his ex-girlfriend Cara Delevingne lately, an 18 year-old model and socialite, which Taylor didn’t really approve of.

Now several sources tell us the same thing: Harry is out for Cara now again! “Harry is smitten with Cara and they’re secretly very close. Harry even thinks she could be the one. He’s keeping things low-key, but his dad has given his approval and thinks Cara is great. Harry sent Cara flowers and a present before she hit the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret, because it was her debut. He texted her all the way through, telling her how gorgeous and wonderful she looked.”, an insider says. We can’t wait to see Taylor’s reaction on this one.

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