OMG! Justin Bieber Investigated For Assault Posted on January 27, 2013Leave a comment

Saay WHAAT?! Okay, we’ve just forgiven Justin Bieber for that smoking weed “accident”, but this sounds crazy. Justin is currently being investigating for assaulting a woman…with a Nerf gun! This is the story: Justin was apparently playing Nerf war with his little brother and sister when his tour stopped by in Ottawa, Canada, in November, when a projectile hit a female security guard for the venue. So she filed a police report. And it’s getting pretty serious! Since the woman is pissed, the cops have already interviewed a few peeps at the venue and we have no idea how this will turn out for Justin. We are taking assaulting very seriously, but we are confident that Justin did not intend to hurt her, of course, and we would like to see this case as an accident. What do you think? Is this woman only looking for some sort of compensation (caaash)? Or is she actually traumatized? We hope this all will turn out well

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