Peaches Geldof is engaged again Posted on December 11, 2011Leave a comment

You have to kiss many frogs before you find her prince, but history indicates that the rock daughter Peaches Geldof might be wrong in believing that she has found her this time. Peaches has been dating a lot of frogs during their 22 years of life, the most remarkable musician Max Drummey who she married in Las Vegas three years ago, just a month after they had first met. Of course, marriage did not last for more than half a year, and the recently divorced 19-year-old went again into the dating jungle.

She believes now, therefore, that her current boyfriend, SCUM rocker Thomas Cohen is the guy for her. They got together last year and Peaches revealed to the British newspaper the Sunday Mirror today that they actually already have announced their engagement. She said, “Yes, I’m engaged! We do not want to get married than a couple of years, however, so do not expect to see me in a dress yet. I’m so happy!”

She has at least your mind to “wait a couple of years” this time, but despite that, we think she might be looking in the wrong market right now. Everyone knows that the rockers are not known for being difficult to handle and that they are ready to settle down first in the 40-year-old …

Anyway, we wish them both good luck

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