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Rihanna and Chris Brown reunite on her new album

Rihanna and Chris Brown reunite on her new album Posted on November 8, 2012Leave a comment

Yesterday shared Rihanna brings the song from her new upcoming album unapologetic on Twitter, and that stirred up the most emotions in fans? The duet with her ​​on / off boyfriend Chris Brown known as Nobodies Business, which will be the couple’s third collaboration this year. And now it seems that they are getting closer to make their reunion official. “He was the love of my life,” admitted Rihanna on Oprah earlier this year. But Chris has posted a video on Twitter which have admits that he is “a little drunk”, but makes clear his feelings for Rihanna and tells how he is about to fall in love with her ​​again. Oh my goodness … But now we are most curious about how the new single is

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