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Robert Kardashian’s Secret Diary Reveals Kris Jenner’s Infidelity

Robert Kardashian’s Secret Diary Reveals Kris Jenner’s Infidelity Posted on April 14, 2013Leave a comment

There is undoubtedly much going on in the Jenner-Kardashian clan right know. After Robert Kardashian’s death, he left a private diary behind that have been seized by his widow Ellen Pierson, and it reavels a whole lot about the former Kardashian household. Now, Ellen has handed it over to InTouch that has made Robert’s private notes public. The diary reveals that Robert thought that Kris Jenner was a neglectful mother, who was open about her affair with Todd Waterman around her kids and this is what the diary reavels: “[Kris] took Khloe to the movies with Todd. I can’t believe she would take Khloe with Todd. Then told Khloe not to tell me! She told Khloe to lie to me.” Additional secrets that the diary reveals has not yet been made public.

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