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Ryan Gosling on the toe: He takes ballet lessons

Ryan Gosling on the toe: He takes ballet lessons Posted on December 18, 2011Leave a comment

Guess who started dancing ballet? Ryan Gosling ! Type … Ryan has decided to start taking ballettlektioner and not just for a role, he does it because he thinks it’s fun! A man who can dance is probably the sexiest ever! Ryan’s instructor said, “It’s fun because he’s such a manly man. He comes in with a basketball and shorts and is ready to dance.”

Ryan has previously said all of Hollywood would be much happier if they had any job outside the film industry, “they eat. They go to Pilates. But there is not enough. So they are taking drugs. If everyone had a great pile of stones in the garden as they each morning moved from one side to the other, would all be much happier

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