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Sources Reveal: Harry Styles Thinks Kendall Jenner Is “Boring

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner had a globe-spanning romance last month, but it doesn’t seem like it will be anything more than a short-lived flirt between the two young stars. A source to Daily Star reveals that the One Direction singer is now realizing that he doesn’t like Kendall as much as he thought, and he has no plans to turn her into his girlfriend.

“Harry finds Kendall one of the most boring people he has ever met,” a source close to Harry reportedly told the Daily Star, and adds that he likes Kendall more for her looks than her personality “Harry has a very dry, British humor and thinks he’d be better off with an English girl who gets his sarcasm.”

Another thing that is reportedly keeping Harry away from Kendall is that he is terrified to spend time with her family. Kendall and Harry started dating i December 2013.

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