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Therefore, Kim Kardashian incredibly jealous of her sisters

Therefore, Kim Kardashian incredibly jealous of her sisters Posted on November 19, 2012Leave a comment

We have followed the Kardashian family quite a while now, but now things have started to change. Kourtney Kardashian is super busy with her ​​two small children and Khloe Kardashian has moved on from reality TV to become the X Factors new host. But Kim still does the same thing she always did, and now she’s incredibly jealous of her sisters new paths in life.

“Kim and Khloe have been fighting a lot in recent times because Kim is pathologically envious of Khloes career”. Kim has been “very critical of her work on the X Factor so far,” which has received Khloe go through the roof. What also irritates Kim is that she turned 30 and is still not close to the family she dreams of, unlike her sister Kourtney who is already mother of two. Hey Kim, your time comes, take it easy

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