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We’re on your side, Katrin Zytomierska

We’re on your side, Katrin Zytomierska Posted on December 18, 2011Leave a comment

As you probably read, there has been much drama on Katrin Zytomierskas blog. When Katrin’s baby girl suddenly ran away to USA Katrin wrote in his blog “Wanted – Dead or Alive” in a post with a picture of the girl child. This angered many of her readers and she was also notified of the assault. “I thought people understood that it was fun,” writes Katrin in the blog continues: “Did you think that I wished her death for real? It’s the craziest thing I have ever experienced.” Although there were many who were upset at Katrin, is the fact she has been cheated. When she and Bingo compressible traveled to the United States, they tweaked a visa for the nanny, who then abandoned the couple. “I’m bitter, sad, disappointed and toffee. Because of a j * vla bratty kid who managed to capture my confidence,” writes Katrin. We are completely on your side, Katrin, and hope that everything soon dissolves

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