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What happened to Audrina’s love life after The Hills?

What happened to Audrina’s love life after The Hills? Posted on December 12, 2011Leave a comment

We all know that love in the reality show almost never is in real life. One of our biggest reality show, The Hills , is no exception. Audrina Patridge , who always seemed to have problems with guys, confirms it by saying that everything has gotten better between her and her boyfriend Corey Bohan after her show “Audrina” was canceled. She says, “To shoot a reality show really rips on the circumstances because you are totally focused on making good television. It is difficult with relationships because I have and Corey worked on our relationship now after the show. We have spent time together. ”
After the show was canceled, she took a few months to just take it easy, “I have not had time to organize my house or do things for myself during these seven years we have filmed. So I took some time off. I moved to the beach. ”
We assume that the liver as a celebrity is not always as good as it seems. But we are happy that Audrina and Corey solve things

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