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Why Rihanna Is Changing Her Lifestyle: “I Hate Partying

Why Rihanna Is Changing Her Lifestyle: “I Hate Partying Posted on September 30, 2013Leave a comment

It seems like Hollywood’s wild child is all partied out and has left her rock and roll lifestyle behind. Rihanna reveals that she’s “bored” of partying and has been living a rather normal life recently, something that may seem very different from the party girl we used to know. The singer made an appearance on Alan Carr’s “Chatty Man” this week and opened up about her new lifestyle. “Recently I’ve become a square. I hate partying. I don’t know if it’s my heels – I don’t like standing up in my heels for hours. I don’t know if it’s that, but I’ve been so bored of it,” she revealed.

I am such a bootleg rock star, I do nothing, literally. I’m embarrassed to say that actually. That’s so disgusting. That’s f***ing pathetic,” she continued. “I tell you, I’m a bit of a square recently. Don’t feel bad for me, I’m good.” Rihanna added that she is very pleased with her life and uses every opportunity to celebrate: “I love what I do and I’ve got a lot to celebrate. So you’ll catch me celebrating every once in a while because I work hard.”

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