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Adam Levine HATE Chris Brown

Adam Levine from Maroon 5 recently admitted that he hates Chris Brown . And the reason? He loves women so much that he can not tolerate how a certain R & B star treats them badly. “Adam hates Chris Brown , “explains a source. “And he has no problem saying it to people.” His anti-feelings for Chris is even so strong that they started to affect his job as a judge on The Voice.

During an audition sang a participant one Chris Brown song, which Adam did not like, “Adam said simply for the guy that he had chosen him if he sang a song by Chris Brown , “says an insider from the production. “He explained that some have gotten over it Chris did, but that he had not done it and will never do it either.” We think it’s great that Adam stands up for women, but to diss a good singer because of a track selection is a bit too exaggerated


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