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Angelina Jolie Furious With ‘Hunger Games’ Actress Jennifer Lawrence

There’s always a catfight going on somewhere in Hollywood and this time Angelina Jolie and 22-year-old actress Jennifer Lawrence, known from The Hunger Games, are involved. It all started when “angelina desperately wanted the female lad in the movie ‘Silver Linings Playbook'”.

The director David O. Russell reveals that “We had a lot of major actresses in town interested in the role, from Angelina Jolie to some other big stars”. At first they thought Jennifer was too young for the role, but at second thoughts they picked her over Angelina Jolie – because of her age! “Angie was beside herself. She was furious with Jennifer. She screeched, ‘What’s she got that I don’t have?’ The simple answer is youth. Angie is getting older and the big parts are going to rising young stars like Jennifer Lawrence”. We think she should chill a bit, she’s done so many big movies already

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