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Blondinbella in dispute designer dress

Before his 21st birthday party at a luxurious restaurant in Stockholm, ordered Isabella Blondinbella Löwengrip a tailored designer dress: “She put an order in October on a hand-sewn made to measure guldpaljetterad wrap dress for her birthday party with Bond theme which she received at a super discount price of around 70%, which barely covers the cost of material of the dress. idea was that she would advertise on his blog to my brand and that people could order handmade garments from me, “says the designer, who wishes to remain anonymous.

But the designer did not see any signs of a promotion for his brand, and five months later, the dress is not even paid! It defends Blondinbella with the dress could not be used. “Actually, I went home that evening and change dress because it was broken, but of course I will pay anyway,” said Isabella. On Thursday, she paid for several ifs and buts invoice

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