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Club Owner: “Kim K is boring and not worth the trouble

So you thought Kim Kardashian was at the top of everyone’s guest list? Time to think about! A source close to the star explains that Kimmy gets less and less hot club offers every week. “The clubs in Las Vegas are booking the hottest stars but the rumor is that they start to remove Kim Kardashian from their lists and refuse to pay for her performances. ” says an insider. The reason for the boycott is said to be “Kim is boring, the fickle and hard meat. She is not worth it – she just stand and stare. Nobody cares about her anymore.”

While Kim has trouble getting bookings, she sees how her sister Kourtneys boyfriend Scott Disick are becoming increasingly popular. ” Scott Disick costs significantly less than Kim, he does crazy stuff and entertain guests more than Kim! ” says a club owner and says that he chooses Scott of Kim all times. What say you, who would you rather see as a celebrity bartender – Kim or Scott?


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