Donald Glover – The fashionable Star Keeps Winning

He has an award-winning series, an acclaimed album and roles in ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Spiderman’ and now wants to be a style icon.

Last Sunday, Donald Glover took two unexpected awards – The Golden Globe for Best Comedy Actor and Best Comedy Series for Atlanta, the fiction show he directs, writes and stars in- and a third symbolic prize, The Night’s Best Dressed Man, according to publications like GQ and Esquire. The actor collected his two awards dressed in a risky velvet suit in a color that the presenter of channel E! Defined as “plush brown teddy bear”, with a tight cut jacket of seventy and a bowtie of important dimensions in a burgundy tone. On paper, it should have been a disaster. On the red carpet, it worked, and in what way.

With that choice, the multitasking interpreter is consolidated as an alternative fashion icon that the brands and magazines of the guild will take into account from now on. His is a very peculiar style, far removed from the retro air of a Ryan Gosling or Andrew Garfield as the marquist arrogance of a Kanye West. In addition, Glover has been profiling both in and out of fiction. His character in Atlanta, Earn Marks – a twenty-year-old who left Princeton before graduating and has a plan to become a manager of his rapper-cousin cousin in much the same way as the actor out on television.

He wears t-shirts and sweatshirts that wink at the past, his perennial nylon backpack carried with two neat little handles, like an eighties nerdy, candy-colored anteater Nikes who have never seen a basketball court and socks raised to mid calf. Although men’s clothing still does not generate the kind of obsessive tracking that occurs with women, there are Internet forums dedicated to unraveling the brands Marks, minority streetwear firms like Baiser d’Amour or Profound Aesthetic.

In his daily life, Glover has also earned a reputation for being stylish in its own way with its narrow mid-thigh shorts, vintage Hawaiian shirts and camel-colored jackets. His specialty in public appearances is to give them a small, calculatedly eccentric twist to the basics of the men’s wardrobe: a blue suit worn with a brown turtleneck sweater instead of a shirt, formal pants cut to the ankle and without socks.

Donald Glover with his 2 Golden Globes. MATT SAYLES AP

With his doublet in the Globes, the actor closes a triumphant year. His series, Atlanta, premiered on the FX channel and caught the attention of critics, who was applauded for his unpredictable twists (in one episode, there’s a character called Justin Bieber who turns out to be an unbearable singer and … black) and for his realistic portrait Of the disoriented urban millenials.

Black identity

While filming the first season of the series, with a rather unusual method that consisted of putting all the writers (all African Americans) to live under one roof, he used to record his last album, Awaken, My Love, published under his musical pseudonym By Childish Gambino. So the series and the album have many themes in common, such as the exploration of black identity and entry into maturity. In June it was revealed that it will be in the cast of Spiderman: Homecoming, although in the role of villain, not Peter Parker, as some fans once asked, and in October it was confirmed that it enters the Star Wars franchise. In addition, at some undetermined moment, his first son was born, to which he dedicated one of his Golden Globes. He did not formally announce it because he keeps his private life in strict secrecy. In fact, the identity of his partner is not known, with which he has been photographed on a couple of occasions.

The idea of ​​placing Glover as a young Lando Carlrissian in the film about Han Solo to be released in 2018 is part of the slow process of making Star Wars, and the other, more racially diverse multimillion dollar franchises. Glover himself has shown some displeasure with the timid efforts of Hollywood to approach the minorities. “I can no longer with the word diversity. It sounds like tolerance ten years ago … The worst thing in the world for me is for someone to say ‘this is too good to be a series of blacks’.


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