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George Clooney was arrested during the protest outside the Sudanese embassy

What a day! Yesterday was arrested skådelspelaren George Clooney by police in connection with a protest outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington. Clooney and a host of other activists, including his father Nick Clooney, was outside the embassy to protest the country’s President Omar Al-Bashir and the violent abuse that the people of Sudan are subjected by their government. George Clooney has long been committed to the conflict in Sudan and also visited the war-torn country and was arrested when he refused to obey police for their action. Witnesses managed to capture pictures of him when he was taken away in handcuffs …

Today, Clooney was released on bail. Finally. Check out the clip below to see when Clooney and the other activists represent their views and then carried away by the police. It’s not everyday you get to see this let us assure you. But what a relief that he was released in the end! We know that George just protesting for a good cause and we are delighted that he is free. We assume that those 800 crowns he had to pay a fine of not doing too great a hole in his wallet, so to speak … (abcnews)

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