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Jennifer Lawrence: “I Feel So Lucky That I Don’t Really Have Time To Feel Cocky

Jennifer Lawrence went to a world famous trap of becoming one of the most successful young actress in the space of one year and many people would certainly lose themselves through such a life-changing success story. She’s a Best Actress Oscar winner and she’s the female lead in one of the biggest movie sensations ever, The Hunger Games. Despite these achievements and successes, Miss Lawrence still isn’t loosing her footing. She is well aware of the importance of maintain her humility and stay down-to-earth no matter what. She says: “I just constantly feel so lucky that I don’t really have time to feel cocky,” the actress tells U.K.’s Fabulous magazine. “Definitely my family is not the kind of family that would ever let me turn into an a**hole or anything like that, so I am fortunate to have them.”

Could you ever imagine Jennifer as a cocky, priggish a**hole? We surely can’t! Stay humble, gir

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