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Jennifer Lawrence Is Malnourished: “She Starves Herself

Amidst all the stress and pressure to support her new movie, Silver Linings Playbook, Jennifer Lawrence has has been forgetting to eat and has become malnourished. Close friends to the star have expressed concern her stressful life and how it affects her health: “Jennifer’s not had a moment to think this year, with all the awards ceremonies she’s attended and filming The Hunger Games at the same time. She’s under a lot of pressure, and with all the strain Jennifer’s been putting her body under it was no surprise she caught pneumonia. The physically demanding action scenes she’s doing, as well as the pressure of staying slim and looking good on the red carpet, was all too much for her to juggle and she just ran out of steam. She wasn’t eating enough food before taking part in the stunts and as a result became malnourished.”‘

Let’s hope that this downward spiral continues to go down! Jennifer was the last person we thought would be the victim of these unhealthy ideals..

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