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Jennifer Lopez kicked the maid who asked for an autograph

Okay, Jennifer Lopez , we need to make one thing very clear to you – you can either be a cool diva, or you can be a horrible diva. And this is clearly awful! A maid who worked at J.Los luxury dared to knock on the star’s door because she is a big fan: “I cleaned her floors. And since I’m an incredible fan I gathered up my courage and rang the doorbell to ask for an autograph, “said the maid Pray Dodaj. “But I was denied at the door by two assistants.”

Just one day later phoned cleaning company Pray to tell me that she sacked after complaints: “I was fired directly on the phone. Just because of the autograph,” she says of the incident. The hotel says that she is “disturbed guests privacy”. Eeeeh, it may well take it as a super star, J.Lo?

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