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Jessica Simpson’s dramatic pregnancy

No pregnancy is well a bed of roses, but Jessica Simpson has really had problems over the past måndaerna. She was so very happy when she revealed that she was pregnant, but there has been much drama now. It seems that Jessica sometimes use pregnancy as an excuse to eat all the junk food she never received. “Her mother and her sister Ashlee says that all chemicals are bad for the baby, but she refuses to listen.” says a source. However, it is not only the child who will be damaged by eating habits. “Everything about her is swollen – even her hands and feet. Jessica says she feels like a beached whale.” In addition, Jessica has had incredible difficulty sleeping, which not only leads to more weight gain, but also makes her incredibly stressed.
And as if that were not enough, Jessica and her husband Eric Johnson come in much fighting with each other in recent times, which led to the postponed wedding! Wow, what a lot of drama

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