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Johnny Depp: “I’ve Never Googled Myself

Johnny Depp stays away from the internet and has never searched on his own name on Google. The 50-year is afraid that he’ll find some upsetting rumors about himself. “I’ve never googled myself and I never will! I would be too scared to discover lies and horrible things written about me,” he tells Tele 2 Semaines magazine.

Depp also claims he’s “pathetic” when it comes to using technology. “You should ask my children! Before, they used to ask my help to do research on the computer – for a class project, for instance. These days, they’ve realised there’s no point,” he jokes.

When the actor was asked what his favorite his favorite iPhone application is, he didn’t remember its name. “I’ve forgotten its name. It allows you to retouch photos automatically,” he said, referring to Instagram.

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