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Joseph Gordon-Levitt directing debut with ScarJo

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has decided to take a new step in the film industry, he wrote just his first film! Joseph has been an actor since his childhood, but now he’d rather hang out behind the camera. “I spent a year with Chris Nolan, Rian Johnson, Steven Spielberg and I did my best to be attentive. I’ve made ​​short films while now, I have directed many of them, and that’s largely because I feel so comfortable and safe at this, “told Joseph about the film, in which Scarlett will be involved in. Joseph also revealed that he will accompany her on the silver screen. “I wrote a cruel role for myself, one that people had never worked out for me,” he said.

They will start filming on 16 April and we hope there will be a quick process. We long for this movie

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